About Sentis



Sentis Systems Inc. is a San Francisco based software startup company. Sentis is currently backed by private angel investment. For funding inquiries please contact us by email.



Sentis technologies harness human intuition and collective intelligence. Sentis network and exchange systems creates value from intuition and brings clarity to multiplex scenarios.



To create a new interdisciplinary field of knowledge, communications and understanding. To power humanity toward greater connectivity, self-coherence and prosperity.

Core Science


Emotions are an interface with a two-fold communicative function: one externally to communicate to the world, and another internally to communicate complex inferences (intuition).  Sentis technology maps all emotional expressions to one of 12 main human emotional states and various subsets of them. At its core, Sentis technologies is a self-learning semantics engine, capable of cataloging an infinite number of emotional expressions. Sentis semantics engine expands its intelligence by allowing expressions to be composed of any number of emotions. Thus, Sentis crowd-sourced open architecture learns any expression that engenders emotions by adapting to different languages, cultures and contexts.



Sentis was founded by a team of enthusiastic engineers, scientists and marketers who believe in a future where technology propels forward the best of our human qualities.

Sergio Mello

Founder & CEO

Sergio Mello is a pioneer designer, communicator and entrepreneur. A Brazilian native, Sergio founded SVM Designs at 23 years old while pursuing a Graphics degree in San Francisco. During the 90s Sergio served in several technology startups in the area of 3D graphics visualization, including European based ElectroGIG, Jaleo International, and Imagos Productions. In 2000, Sergio joined Apple as 3D Graphics Technology Manager, in Steve Jobs' historic corporate turn around. As a result, Sergio was hired as Senior Product Manager for the turn-around of the iconic high-end graphics pioneer SGI. Sergio spearheaded RioPoint Enterprises, DaTerraWeb and served as Marketing Director for PureDepth. Sergio also volunteered as Secretary of Communications for CRBE (Council of Brazilians Living Abroad) at the Brazilian Ministry of External Affairs, and remains an activist for peace, justice and democracy. Sentis Systems is the product of decades of Silicon Valley experience, and Sergio's ultimate quest to use technology to achieve the highest levels of human insight and coherence.

Rio Mohan Dluzak

Neuroscience Advisor

Rio Mohan Dluzak is a lifelong entrepreneur and science advocate who is driven by her passion for neuroscience, applying current advances, and innovating future applications to achieve real-world impact.

Chris Thomas

Linguistics & Localization Advisor

• Brazilian-American with native fluency in Portuguese and English. Write and speak Spanish and French.
• Proven track record as Localization Specialist, Content Producer, and Interpreter and Translator.
• Leadership in thought and action. Demonstrated ability to drive for results. Careful planner and problem solver.
• Excellent communication skills, articulate speaker, careful listener, clear and concise writer.
• Team player and team builder. Strong interpersonal skills. Quick learner, enthusiastic, and creative.
• Passionate about efficiency, openness, human connection, football, great food and a good laugh.
• Maintain daily knowledge of current affairs, trends, and colloquialisms in Brazil.

Vinicius Santana

Engineering Advisor

Sallo Szrajbman

Senior Engineer

Working as a Software Engineer for almost 10 years with an extensive background in many kinds of business makes me a very dynamic and experienced professional. Today I feel ready to make a difference on a corporation. Not only made of technical skills but also really proactive and available to help on business decisions based on company goals. I used to have company products as a child and really wanted to see them grow strong and healthy. Beautiful results are like a deep and fresh breath to me! I really love my job and believe that’s the key to successful results. For me having a special environment with special people at the office, committed to a common goal, is all we need to have fun.

Pedro Freitas

Product Development Advisor

Accomplished leader in technology delivery with 13 years of successful experience in leading organizations to deliver innovative solutions loved by millions worldwide. Adept at developing product strategies and bringing new products to life. Extensive experience in UX management and in all phases of consumer-centric product development.

Paulo Linhares

Senior Front-End Developer

Paulo is a multi-disciplinary Front End Engineer and team leader who understands the project's big picture. Paulo has experience in agile development and the fast pace of startup technology operations.

Paulo's core areas are:

- Object oriented programming;
- SQL Server, MySQL;
- Languages: Java, PHP, Javascript.
- Performance and scalability

Carey Schroeder

Marketing & Investor Relations Advisor

Carey brings wide-ranging experience in management from the entertainment, technology and global business sectors. Having worked in all aspects of corporate growth from concept to launching companies to fully mature billion dollar corporations, both nationally and internationally, she is accomplished in creating integrated, multi-disciplinary communications programs and building effective strategies from the ground up.

She has held full-time as well as executive level consulting posts, working with a portfolio of companies which have included; CMO of a Trans media company, Senior VP Corporate Communications for an entertainment software company; VP, Strategic Alliances and Marketing for a global interactive entertainment company; VP and Managing Partner for a private investment banking firm; President of a high tech global advertising agency; business and marketing consulting for an international animation/film/software company; a 3D software company; a children’s internet/entertainment software company; and other entertainment and technology-based startups and established firms. Additionally, she served as Marketing Director/Manager for a digital post production facility. She was Global Program Manager for a Silicon Valley computer hardware company where she was responsible for their worldwide training centers, developing, implementing and managing a franchise training program focusing on immersive technology training for professionals in the entertainment industry around the globe. Initially focusing on two “flagship” centers in Santa Monica and London, she went on to project manage and open additional training centers in Germany, Austria, Spain and India as well as working with candidate sites in Australia, Korea, France, New York, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, Japan, and Canada.

Prior to her foray into the entertainment industry, she was Dean of the largest private art university in the United States. She has taught presentation techniques and industry overviews to both college students and professionals; and has also managed projects for numerous entertainment productions, corporate presentations, film and music videos. She has chaired advisory boards and served as an advisor to several boards of directors. Her initial background is as an advertising consultant, graphic designer and art director.

Fernanda Sampaio

Product Development Advisor

Front-end engineer living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with 10+ years of experience in web design. Specialized in front-end development and with a clean, efficient, and standards-compliant HTML/CSS in any programming environment or CMS.