Sentis was founded by a team of enthusiastic engineers, scientists and marketers who believe in a future where technology propels forward the best of our human qualities.

Sergio Mello

Executive Director

Sergio Mello is a pioneer designer, communicator and entrepreneur.

Rio Mohan Dluzak

Neuroscience Advisor

Rio Mohan Dluzak is a lifelong entrepreneur and science advocate.

Chris Thomas

Linguistics & Localization Advisor

Brazilian-American with native fluency in Portuguese and English. Write and speak Spanish and French.

Vinicius Santana

Engineering Advisor

Sallo Szrajbman

Senior Engineer

Software Engineer for 12 years with an extensive and dynamic background.

Pedro Freitas

Product Development Advisor

Leader in technology with 13 years of experience.

Paulo Linhares

Senior Front-End Developer

Multi-disciplinary Front End Engineer and team leader.

Carey Schroeder

Marketing & Investor Relations Advisor

Wide-ranging experience in management from the entertainment, technology and global business sectors.

Fernanda Sampaio

Product Development Advisor

Front-end engineer with 10+ years of experience in web design.